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Private Training

The Sports Factory conduct personal one-on-one private training with players of all ages and abilities. If you are interested in private and/or small group training with The Sports Factory please contact Craig Johnson at 862-666-9082 or Alternatively you can register online here.

Training is generally conducted in one hour sessions with The Sports Factory trainer focussing on one or a combination of the following skill-sets:

  • Individual Technical Ball Manipulation skills,
  • Dribbling,
  • 1 v 1 Moves and Turns, 
  • Passing and Receiving,
  • Shooting and Finishing,
  • Aerial Control,
  • Individual defending and attacking,
  • Speed, Agility and Quickness,
  • Basic conditioning and/or,
  • Body Core Development.

In addition, allowing up to a maximum of 4 players per session, The Sports Factory trainers can work with small groups of players on the individual skill-sets listed above or further functional training to help players understand more tactical elements of the game.

  • Team defending,
  • Team attacking,
  • Basic positional sense,
  • Transition exercises,

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